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Friday, 21 November 2008

My new craft room

I have been a bit Absent in my postings over the last week, Now that the youngest Son has moved out( not gone far just next door into my mums house, he has moved in with his girlfriend to keep mum company after the death of my brother)
we have turned his bedroom into a guestroom also a craft room for me( yippee, my own space) It will stop me cluttering up the whole house, I hope Here is how it look finished, we are thinking of changing the bed into a double sofa bed, This will be much better when my daughter and her partner come to visit us.
As you can see I have lots of space to craft in, and everything close to hand
Here is a short tour of my craft station, the unit came from Ikea.
In the first photo, you can see the clever use I have made of the Magazine rack, it was ideal for storing all my keepsake boards from the glitter girls.
Next to this is a shelf, this one is full of all my ink pads ,Felt pens, coloured pencils and watercolour paints.
The shelf underneath is stacked with Jars, I have fulled them with my ribbons wound onto dolly pegs and sorted by colour, the smaller jar is full of my prima flower. I still need to get another one of these as I still have plenty more flowers to store.
Underneath on the work surface Is my crafters companion, crop-a-dile, and a small box of draws filled with the embellishments I tend to use the most

Over in the corner There is a magnetic board.
Ikea sell a range of pots holders and hanging things that stick to this board, I have filled the pots with sakera pens and used the holders to display a scrap page of my daughter Aleysha.
On the shelf I have my wet glues, glitteglues, stickles etc.
Under neath this I have my guillotine, rotary cutter, and Cuttlebug all nice and ready to use( no more running up and down stairs to cut things, or getting my cuttlebug out of its box) I also have a file on top of the unit with all my cuttle folders in.
Also in this picture there is a photo of my punches, These are kept in a box that slip into the side unit,( just pull it out and rummage for the one I need) also in the side unit I have three box flies.
I went for nice bright reds and greens these hold some of my basic card stock, decoupage sheets, and crafting books

Also in the side shelved unit I have another pull out box, this holds some of my stamps and stamp pads.
I also have a boxfull of unmounted stamps that I keep in Cd holders, these are stored in a pink CD box on the top of the unit.
There is a draw unit under the desk, this is on casters so that I can pull it out , and move it to the side while I am working.
The top draw is full with all the everyday needs, Double sided Tape, Glue sticks foam pads, scissors.
The second draw I am still working on, not sure what it will store yet( but by the time I start to craft up there, I think it will sort itself out and find its own use)
The bottom draw I love It is a file cabinet, I have used one of the file rods to store some of my ribbon reels.
Well I hope you have enjoyed my tour Of my work space, I am very pleased with having somewhere to escape too.
I am sure it wont look so tidy by next week


  1. LOOKs fab! I so wanna do something nice with my room but space and rented house and lack of funds and etc etc LOl one day! Love yours though!

  2. haha That looks sooo nice!
    But I very much doubt me AND Paul will fit into that single bed haha.
    Jacob def won't be moving back home haha :) xx

  3. Looks great i wish i had my space though but not yet still planning the when and where hee hee

  4. Looks great Wendy hubby might regret it now may never see you again lol

  5. Wendy, what a perfect haven! It's like looking in a sweet shop! Thank you for taking the time to stop by on my blog. It is much appreciated.
    Love Rosie x

  6. I love your space - its just great to have your own room so you can close the door on the clutter if you're working on a project..

  7. I love how organized you've got everything. Congrats on having a new space!

  8. Looks FABULOUS Wendy! Mine is never that clean! LOL Well, maybe for 5 minutes AFTER I clean it, but it never lasts! TFS!


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