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Thursday, 31 January 2013

second post today

Here is a link to the Mini I made for a form swap.
Nicky who received the Mini kindly made a Video to show it to you
thanks Nicky
And a few photos that I took
most of the embellishments  were cut on the Silhouette Cameo


This weeks Project life

Here is this weeks Page, a bit late no internet, virgin fixed it this morning.
we had lots more snow at the beginning of the week.
The fabric arrived for the rag quilt that I wanted to make Perrie, it was very easy to do Im very pleased with how it turned out, plan to make another one soon.
I have more photos in the post below, I managed to blog the quilt before I lost the internet 3 days without it I was getting withdraw symptoms.
A fun photo of Monday morning Two of the grandchildren were in bed keeping warm with bampy Jeff while I made the breakfast .
Poor man has lost his Monday lie ins with both of them sleeping here overnight every Sunday 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Baby s Rag Quilt

I have been looking at some of the cute Rag quilts that are on the Web, lots have instructions on how to make them and they seem very easy to do.
Well I got a bit obsessive about making one (go on admit it we crafter`s are all the same see something and want to have ago)
Well here is the one that I finished this week.
Yes it was as easy as it looks and I am planning on do another for me in the near future.
This is the little pile of material that I gathered together , I still have some left over to make a matching cushion 
 Here it is all put together this one is for granddaughter Perrie, so wanted it all pink and girly so that it will grow with her and not look babyish in a few years time .
This has cotton fabric for the top layers then two layers of flannelette ,  its so soft and cuddly on the bottom.
Instructions can be found 
I found it quite hard to get pretty flannel here in the UK, so I used pretty cottons for the front and plain pink flannel for the underneath and white for the centre layer to give it a bit of warmth, you could also add soft baby fleece for the centre if you like

The next one I am hoping to do will be in Creams and Browns 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Digital Project Life

 Here is this weeks pages, did two for this week, because I wanted to showcase the fun the grandchildren had in the snow.
Used some digital page protectors to give the look of traditional Project Life pages, they were easy to use and fill, I will be mixing and matching my pages using both styles


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Project Life Scrapbooking Craze has got me

I have been trying to hold off in getting involved in Project Life Scrapbooking
I have been looking at blogs and web site for a few months, thinking I would love to do this but do I have the time, will I get bored half way through the year.
Well its the start of a new year so I thought, why not have ago and see how i get on. 

What is Project life
Its a record of all those daily things that we all do.
Its a no fuss approach to scrapbooking your weekly events.
I still love to spend time making my traditional scrapbooks and my digital scrapbooking .
where I plan my layouts around a photo that I want to scrap.
The aim of Project Life is to take the photos and record where it was, what you were feeling on your journalling tags.
To not spend hours creating a masterpiece but to get it down and recorded.
So at the end of the year you can look back at 2013

I have taken the pressure off a bit , by promising myself to take photos and do at least one page for each month.
I am hoping to do a weekly layout, but will be happy at the end of 2013 if I have covered something for each month.
I have decided to do digital pages then have them all printed into a 12x12 photobook this time next year.
I have been very good so far and managed a to do the first two weeks, and I have been snapping photos this week ready to add to my pages at the start on next week.
I will be doing random pages as you see below but also have some templates to do some Project life page protector styles.
I will be mixing these in the Album as I go along.
So wish me luck, come along and join me on my weekly journey.
I would also love to come see what your weeks bring if you too are doing a Project Life scrapbook for 2013.
Please leave a comment below so that I may come support you on your blogs throughout the year
 This is my title page.
this I might change or add more family photos to as the year goes by .
I just wanted to start with photos of the grandchildren
 Week one was not a good start.
 I had a week on the sick from work with a nasty winter flu bug.
The grandchildren had it over Christmas , I came down with it New years Eve morning so did not stay up to see in 2013, was tucked up in bed by 9pm
Week Two, 
Keaton is better as am I back to work this week.
Its Jeffs turn to be in the wars, He got himself bitten by a dog ,while at work, he spent hours a the hospital and had to have a tetanus injection and antibiotics

So off to a good start with my Project, lets hope I can keep it up


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pottery Snowman

I made this cute little fellow in pottery class.
Im really pleased how he turned out, was hoping to have him before we closed for Christmas Holidays but he had not been fired after painting.
He came home today and has been put away for next Christmas
love the look of him and have the idea of making one similar in red with a nice bushy white beard and presents instead of snowballs around the base