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Monday, 25 January 2016

Knitting Bears

Last year I got quite an addiction for knitting bears, soni thought I would show a few of my favourite ones. 
They are from knitting patterns by Gypsycream they are fab easy patterns to follow and are available

This one below was the first one that I knitted and it from the Huggable Bear pattern. 
This one went to my youngest grandson

This one was made for my oldest grandson and he wanted him to have a jumper as you can see in the photos below.
This pattern was gypsycream need a hug bear

Looking cool in his jumper

This cute fellow sits on my bed

My daughter has had a white bear since she was two years old she is 28 now, she asked me to make a little friend,  so our  white bear was born

Then a little girl bear for granddaughter Perrie. 
Perrie s favourite colour is purple, so this little lady has a purple outfit

And this last bear is from gypsycream panda pattern  done in pinks and white this pattern comes in two sizes and this was the largest size and made in extra long eyelash yarn so she is quite big compared to the others. 
This was a gift to my niece for her 21st birthday.
I have the wool to make a blue version of this bear for myself just not gotten round to it yet.


Friday, 22 January 2016

Low calorie butternut and carrot soup

Slimming and filling butternut and carrot soup.
Blended and divided into 6 portions only 106 calories
If you like your portions larger or are not blending and having it chunky, there is 633 calories for the whole pot so divide into your portion size.

Butternut squash 900g
Carrots 400g
Onion 240g
Sunflower oil 1/2 tablespoon
2 Vegetable stock cubes
1 litre of hot water

Cut butternut and carrots into 1inch cubes
Chop onion small and fry in the oil until soft
Add the cubed butternut and carrots stir, add 1 litre of hot water,  sprinkle the vegetable stock cubes and stir well.
Bring to the boil then turn down to simmer and cook for about 30 mins or until the vegetables are soft. Stir regu to stop bottom sticking to pan 
You can serve just as it is straight from the pot as a chunky stew, or leave to cool for 5 minutes then blitz with a hand blender or blend in food processor until consistency that you like. 
See photos below .

In the pot ready for cooking

 Served straight from the pot,  nice and chunky

After blending,  with a few herbs  sprinkle and a little ground black pepper


Crochet amigurumi girl doll

This was a fun amigurumi crochet project, how cute is she.
You can purchase the pattern from

 Standing she is 8 1/2 inches tall, She has been crocheted in DK acrylic yarn

I've added a little button to her hat

A view of her from the side,  love her cute little nose.
This is a very versatile pattern I can see myself making it again using the body shape and changing up the clothing a little


Up up and away wallet, passport wallet

 Had fun making this cute passport wallet ready for our next holiday. 
As you can see I've got space for 5 passports and still have a space for boarding passes. 
If you would like to make your own you can find the pattern

Liz Shaffner  up up and away passport wallet

 Inside views. 
Lots of space for those passports and boarding passes

After showing the one above on my Facebook page , I was given a few orders
The one below has an extra slip pocket as requested by the customer

 Love the fabric on this one

One of my favourite fabrics, as you can see in the earlier posts in used this fabric collection to make my charlie's aunt bag

This one is very pretty,  loving the gold prints on this fabric

Thanks for looking all comments are read


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Bag of the month club , January's Backgammon Bag by Betz White

Above is the pattern of the bag we were given for January's bag of the month club, by Betz White. 
It's exclusive to the club and the designer won't be selling this pattern until after July. 
Only way to get a copy is to join the club I will post a link at the end of my post

So here is my version of the Backgammon Bag, loved making this bag, its nice and roomy without being too big

I also made a fabric flower out of the last of my contrast fabric,  this is on a pin so it can be removed and added to a coat or jacket 

This is the back of the bag, in the pattern it is the same as the front pocket,  but I did it plain and split the pocket into 3 smaller ones the centre on has a magnetic clasp to keep my mobile phone nice and safe

The inside has a zipped pocket but I also added a slip pocket this I split into 3 sections, a large one and two slim ones for pens

The front pocket is nice and big secured with a magnetic clasps. 

Here is the bag without the flower. 

You can join the bag of the month club


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Artisan Apron from a janet clare pattern

Finished my Artisan apron from a pattern available from Janet Clare, 
I plan to be wearing my apron while sewing and crafting to inspire me to create. 
I will be adding some embellishments as the months go along,  I have already started with a few things that mean something personal to me,  as you can see in the photos below.

First I added 3 small crochet doilies that I just love so much, along one pocket, in the centre I added some of my favourite heart buttons,  love these so much that they have appeared on a few of my latest projects. 
The peach lace I bought on our trip to Australia to visit our son earlier this year,  so I added this as a reminder of our wonderful trip.
On the back along the shoulder seam I embroidered the love to sew,  because I do so much, always makes me feel relaxed stitching , knitting or crochet. 
I was knitting some dolls clothes for my granddaughter earlier this year and made some crochet cats to add to the front of a dolls jumper,  I had one left over so it just had to go on my apron,  another reminder of my fun projects this year. 
Im sure this Apron will pop up again in future posts as I add to it with more precious memories. 
I have a idea to draw around the grandchildren hands then embroidered around the outline. 
So watch this space.
If you would like to make your own Janet Clare artisan apron click to buy the pattern


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bag of the Month Club 2016

I have been enjoying my bag making so much this year that I have signed up for

6 of the best bag sewing pattern designers in the business are teaming together to bring you a 6-month membership club.
The club runs from January-June of 2016. Each month, you will receive an exclusive and brand-new pdf bag sewing pattern from that month’s designer, ready to download from your account area on our site. If you are familiar with even one of the designers, then you know that you can expect a high-quality and easy-to-understand sewing pattern each month!
The bag designs will be a mystery until each pattern is revealed every month. We promise, they will definitely be worth the wait! The patterns will be exclusive to the club for the duration. Each pdf pattern will be uploaded into your account on the 1st of the month, and will include detailed instructions, illustrations/photos, and templates needed to make the bag pattern.
If you join after the club begins, you will receive all patterns released to the club up until that point (for instance, if you join on February 14th, you will receive the patterns for January and February automatically).
We are all so excited for you to join us! The one-time fee for 6 months of Bag of the Month Club is $40, during which time you will receive 6 pdf bag sewing patterns. The club runs from January through June of 2016.
There were some fabulous designs in last years group.
 I'm   so excited cant wait for the new year for our first bag pattern to be released.
So if you would like to sign up and join in the fun, click the link in my side bar or the button down below

if you are on Facebook Join the bag of the month Facebook group


Friday, 20 November 2015

The Companion Bag

So loving this carpet bag , can see me making lots more of these in both sizes

 Just love everything about this pattern,  this is using the 8 inch frame, and its the perfect size for every day use. 
Love the way it opens wide so you can see what you need at a glance.

I added an extra pocket to the back that fastens with a magnetic clasps

 Its easy to do just follow instructions for the front pocket. 
I added a crochet flower and button to the front for added details. 

How the inside looks when open, this is the 8 inch frame, there is a zipped pocket and a slip pocket inside the bag. 
The pattern also has instructions for a 12 inch frame

I used a pretty floral cotton for the lining it has the same shade of blues as the main fabric

In the original pattern they used pre made leather handles,  I made my own and also added a longer strap to wear  across the body

You can find this pattern