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Friday, 14 August 2009

This evening live crafting

This evening we did another hour of live crafting on crafters companion forum, here is the instructions for the pocketcts we made
Two envelopes mine are DL 8 ¾ x 4 ¼ inches, 22x 11cm
A4 pattern papers or card, you could use some large scraps
Coordinating plain paper or card
Glue stick
Hole punch
Flowers. Like prima

Step 1
Take your envelopes fold and cut in half, seal side edges, leave cut off bit open

Step 2
Take a glue stick and cover one side of the envelope, cover well and stick one of your pattern papers to it, trim to fit, do the same for the other side using the same pattern paper or different its up to you, this is a great way to use up some of those larger scraps we all don’t throw away

Step 3
Cut the top corner by eye like this see photo, Keep cut of bit flip over to other side use to measure and cut the same angle on the other side see photo

Step 4
Fold top back crease well see photo
Add lots more glue to this flap then follow photos
Photo 1 put contrasting paper above fold flap onto this and cut to shape fold back

Step 5
glue top flap and add contrasting paper to the top and trim to shape

Step 6
Take a hole punch and punch through the flap and also go through the one side of the envelope, take your flower and brad and attach this will hold your flap to the envelope

here are some that I made using the other pieces we cut at the beginning

Step 7
Punch some holes into the bottom, these you will use to join your pockets together you can use large jump rings, ribbons or threads to hold your mini pockets .
You can store tags, ATC or some photos, even add to the front of a card to put a tag in

Hope you like the finished pocket book, they make lovely gifts


  1. Oh i must give this a go .. sorry i could not join in as I was at a concert, but will sure give this a go.
    love the papers you have used, so pretty, and a fab idea!

  2. Hola Wendy,
    Awesome, pocket book! I want to thank you for your commits and your tutorials. Wendy, I have a cricut, but I don't have the computer adapter. Its also, the smail cricut. I purchase it and only used it twice. I got discouraged because I didn't know anything about cutting and a lot of my cuts were off line. I'm thinking of getting the adapter and the Sure Cuts a lot, and see if I am able to take it out of the box and create. Plus, the cartridges are expensive, and they have copyrights issues, makes it hard to be creative. I think that I will go with the adapter, and see how far I can go with it. Anyway, back to your creations, great color combinations. How do you manage to come up with these lovely ideas? Its very generous of you to also attach a tutorial. Keep them coming! TFS, Mima

  3. Damn! misse dit again! gonna have to put myself a reminder on to come and join you!
    saw them after the event tho! love em Wendy, such a lovely project!
    take care hun

  4. Great project Wendy, sorry I couldn't join in on the day, but have caught up today.x

  5. fun project, thanks for tutorial!

  6. OHHH I love all the little pockets. This rocks.

  7. Great project & Tutoral Wendy


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