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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My Work desk

Well been looking at a few of your work desks over the last few weeks so I thought that this week I would join in with WHATS ON YOUR WORKDESK WEDNESDAY over at stampimg ground blog well today its not to messy, I had a bit of a clean up yesteday evening, youngest son bought me the storage cheast at the back for my birthday, so been filling it up with bits and bobs.
I just have the start of a project andsome finished ones that i have to put away.
I am sure it will be much more of a mess next week.
thanks for stopping by


  1. Oh Wendy lovely desk but far to tidy !! lol
    I'm coming back next week and I wanna see more mess I love having a rumage thanks for sharing
    Oh and I love how you framed your desk thats a clever little trick
    Hugs Susie xx

  2. Coo Wendy, aren't you organised! Nice easel card there on your desk, and a big ol' flower - waiting for a home? What's in the purple spray bottle then? Thanks for coming out of the WOYWW closet!

  3. Oh that's far too tidy Wendy!! I see there's another crafter with the ikea desk too. Mine is jammed full of stuff xx

  4. Welcome to the gang Wendy. That is one very tidy crafting desk. You are very organised. A x

  5. Let's hope it's a bit messier next time :) Love the frame round your pic, what a great idea!
    Anne x

  6. The deask is very cute and tidy. My desk even clean looks messy it drives me nuts.

  7. I second those other comments - this desk is just too too too tidy!! You put the rest of us to shame!! ;-)

  8. Very tidy and organised! Love it! Keep sharing, we are a nosey bunch!

  9. Love that you framed your photo ...looks like we are peering in. Too tidy for me but then a desk has to be how the crafter can create.

  10. now that looks cosy i'm wondering wots in the bottle too oops forgot to put mine on


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