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Sunday, 11 April 2010


We have been enjoying the fine weather with our grandson Keaton, He has been playing out the back, and enjoying watching the fish in the pond with his grampy

Here he is in the summerhouse, he can walk around the table and stand unaided but is very reluctant to walk on his own, needs to hold onto the tip of our fingers, when we slip it out of his hand he sits on the floor.
he is 10 months old how fast he is growing


  1. Gosh he looks just like you wendy, he's got your eyes. He's growing so fast isn't xx

  2. Really love your photos. I have a little Granddaughter of 17 months who now has a baby sister, born Saturday morning at 3.27, so we are only just coming down from cloud nine from all the excitement :-) Photo on my blog if you want an aw moment :-)
    A x

  3. What a handsome young chappie. Can't believe it's 10 months since he was born, seems like only yesterday. He'll soon be giving you the run around then.
    Love, Pat xx

  4. Wendy, he has such a cheeky grin.. he will be off running rings around you very soon ( belive me). He is a lovely little man.

  5. Hola Wendy,
    Wow! I can't believe how big Master Kenton has gotten in such a short time. He's really handsome and he seems to be a ham. I see that he's going to be popular with he's outstanding smile. God bless him. I see how proud he makes you and our family. Wendy, Happy Belated Anniversary. Sorry for not sending you this shout out sooner. TFS, Mima

  6. What a cutie the prince is! He is growing fast and I am sure the keeper of your heart.


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