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Monday, 24 May 2010

I think i must be mad

Just spent months planning and making things for the wedding, Had a nice rest on Sunday and what has happened today.
We have the builders in,knocking walls down to make the kitchen bigger and also to make a downstairs shower room and toilet for my mum, they have just left, the house is full of brick dust and tomorrow they have to knock down another wall, we have moved into mums while all the mess is going on.
worse thing the rooms that we are bashing about is right under my craft room, you should see all the surfaces in my craft room it looks like one of those old haunted house that no one has been in for years and is full of dust, my poor papers cant work in it until the demolition work is finished then i will need a soapy bowl of water.
But it will be worth it i the end, I hope


  1. Yep. You're mad!! It will be worth it gal, hold onto that htought. Meanwhile, don't let anyone in who would be tempted to write their name in the dust. Top advice believe me, becasue once they do, you feel obliged to clean and there's no dang point dfoing it until it's all finished. Do it once!

  2. definately will be worth it in end, got to love a big kitchen!

  3. Poor Wendy, I can appreciate the mess you are in having recently had a wet room installed. The dust gets absolutely everywhere doesn't it and you don't think you'll ever get back to normal. But you do and it'll be well worth it when it's done. Shame it's stopped you crafting.
    Love, Pat xx

  4. Poor Wendy think space always worth it congrats on your Wedding & didn't you work hard on prep your cake & jewelery are just Lush, nice to see you again, Janet T

  5. NoOOOOO not the crafting supplies! LOl Hang in there it will be worth it!

  6. Wendy: I so love your blog and your beautiful wedding card. I featured it on my blog under my weekly Fab Five. I also linked back to your site. Your blog is amazing!

    Linda K

  7. Hope the building work is going on OK.
    I've left you something on my blog.


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