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Monday, 14 November 2011

Blog Background

Sorry back to plain old boring for awhile.
I just had an email from nitwits asking me to remove my background and header.
I had used items one of their kits that I bought a few months ago to make my Background.
They have asked me to remove it as they don't allow their stuff on the web
Seems a bit sill as I was only using it for my own personal use , and do not sell blog backgrounds for any profit.
When I put up the Background I always do a post linking back to their store to give them credit for their lovely designs.
Well if the powers that be don't want me to display their work, that's fine with me.
I will be adding another background when i have time to get one finished and uploaded

hated plain one , so found an old one in on my Pc that I had a few years ago.
so this will stay until I can do another

1 comment:

  1. This is really a fresh and pretty background. I don't get the Nitwit logic either, as it's digi and you'd bought it. still, us non-Nitwits must just do as we're told!!


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