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Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Mum

Elsie May Hancock
03/10/1929 -07/1/2012

My Mother Elsie passed away Yesterday Morning after a long illness
She was 82 and had a very fulfilling life.
She belonged to lots of Clubs for the young at heart,( you had to be in your 60s to be come a member) And enjoyed to travel and was always popping off with her widowed friends for midweek or weekend breaks .
She has been unable to do this for the past 3 years as her health deteriorated .

Here is a scrapbook layout I did last year of Mum and Dads Wedding  day.

The was photo for this layout was taken at Forde Abbey two years ago on her last holiday with us.
While we were still able to get her in and out of our car and transfer mum into her wheelchair.
We rented a cottage for a week just outside Yeovil 

I have had many Emails and Pm from friends on the Crafters companion Forum .

Thank You all for your Kind words. 

At the moment I am fine.
 I think after watching mums deterioration over the last few years, especially the last few months,This last week being the hardest  It had come as a bit of a relief. 
For those who have been through this loss , It is very hard to watch. 
I am sure you will understand. 
I am sure mum has gone to a much better place and is with those family members that have gone on before her( my dad, her parents and sisters and my own dear brother Mac) 
I take great comfort in this and know we will be together one day again. 

I think it will be over the coming months , when things happen and the thought come into your head, I must tell mum this , then you realise she is not here to tell any more., 

Life goes on I have two wonderful grandsons and another grandchild due in May. 
So Mum goes on in the family that she has left behind, 
That is still growing. 
As new great grandchildren come along and even over the coming years Great Great grandchildren. 

So thank your for all the support and kind messages that you have sent. 
It is a great comfort to me and my family



  1. Oh Wendy, I haven't stopped by your blog for a while, then I saw this today and felt that I must say something. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. She will always be with you in your heart and thoughts and I'm sure will be around you in spirit. Take care hun and thinking of you. xxxx

  2. So sorry for your loss. This is a wonderful tribute to your Mom. I am sure she is smiling. Linda

  3. Oh Wendy - thinking of you and your family at this time. The layouts are wonderful and you will have so many happy memories to give you strength through the difficult days
    Take care
    Lisa x

  4. so srorry to hear of your loss
    our Lay Outs are a testimonial of your love for her and your Dad
    thinking of you
    hugs and best wishes

  5. Oh wow this is absolutely beautiful!
    Diane xx

  6. Dear Wendy,

    Am not a lot on blogs or at CC forum as time is flying, but please accept my deepest sentiments.


    Laurence xx

  7. Hi Wendy: Lynne wrote to me to tell me about your Mom's passing. I love very much what you wrote. It is a eulogy. Having been a Chaplain for several years, and conducting many a funeral, memorial etc. I have seen things written and said...what you have said above is inspiring, truthful, from the heart and most important - sharing it with the community of readers....REAL. It takes a certain type of person to do that - to reveal their heart so completely, to share with people they have not met, to be vulnerable enough to put their heart into writing, knowing your mom, dad, brother Mac will be reading, hearing, feeling what you have shared and the heaviness of your own heart - while in your intellect you know this was for the best and can gain some relief knowing your mom is not alone and has truly gone to a better place and is relieved of all her suffering. And this I know to be true. I once had a man who I was with who was passing slowly. He kept coming back and going - very lucid, and kept crying as he came back. I said "oh, don't be scared, I will not leave you, I will be right her until G-d greets you fully and completely." He said - "oh no my dear, you don't understand. I am crying because I keep coming back,you can never imagine how beautiful it is there, how serene, how peaceful I feel, how light it is, how I walk and am drawn toward the most beautiful light I have ever experienced. When I come back I am sad because I just want to stay there!" He was about 90 but completely with sound mind. THIS is the moment (among other experiences) I knew we are truly FREE when we pass. It is US on earth that are burdened. As my son (now 14 but said this from about 5 - 9) "Mommy, we don't have to worry when we die, we are only in the next room." Wendy. I hope you can take a bit of solice from this. My heart is with you. Love and a big Hug. Samara (Advisor for Stamp-N-Doodle)

  8. I'm dreading the moment when my parents health goes, they in their early 60is and mum got some problems (few bones needs replacing lol ) but she's doing ok, bit sad as I'm in the UK and won't be able to help
    Your mum is in a better place now, thinking of you

    Ps both scrapbook is fab

  9. Wendy, I'm soooo sorry... Also I'm sorry I missed this - I've been off blogland a bit recently - since Christmas haven't been too well, and in between, trying to get my Cougar cutter up and running. I know how hard it's been for you all recently, not least your mum, so it's a release really, but nonetheless it's a shock when it comes. I do so feel for you all, and send my love and best wishes.

    Shoshi xx


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