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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pottery door plaque

 As part of my work as a support worker, I take a client along to pottery class.
I  help and support him in following directions that his class teacher gives him, While we are helpong our charges the support worker get to play along as well.
This is my first pottery item that I have made.
Had a small mistake, I did have a smaller oval plaque just above the flower with the number on.
It got damaged in-between classes and got knocked off and broken, so while painting I had to paint on the numbers, So not really happy with them, going to get some brass stick on ones to go over them

 Here are a few close up photos, I am really happy with this for a first attempt ,I cant believe I made this from a lump of Clay,  but I might redo it again later in the year and make another as I get more practice working with the clay and get more ideas of what to put onto it
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  1. Wendy it's lovely!! I really like this and for a first attempt it's brilliant! (You'd never know you haven't done this before.) Smiles.xx

  2. Hi Wendy, Absolutley stunning :) xx

  3. Have something on my blog for you honey.xx

  4. Well done Wendy! Great stuff for a first attempt. It had to be a daffodil, of course! Lol!


  5. You did wonderful with this!I love the vibrant colors!


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