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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Baby s Rag Quilt

I have been looking at some of the cute Rag quilts that are on the Web, lots have instructions on how to make them and they seem very easy to do.
Well I got a bit obsessive about making one (go on admit it we crafter`s are all the same see something and want to have ago)
Well here is the one that I finished this week.
Yes it was as easy as it looks and I am planning on do another for me in the near future.
This is the little pile of material that I gathered together , I still have some left over to make a matching cushion 
 Here it is all put together this one is for granddaughter Perrie, so wanted it all pink and girly so that it will grow with her and not look babyish in a few years time .
This has cotton fabric for the top layers then two layers of flannelette ,  its so soft and cuddly on the bottom.
Instructions can be found 
I found it quite hard to get pretty flannel here in the UK, so I used pretty cottons for the front and plain pink flannel for the underneath and white for the centre layer to give it a bit of warmth, you could also add soft baby fleece for the centre if you like

The next one I am hoping to do will be in Creams and Browns 


  1. Lovely quilt, I used to love making baby quilts. Hugs Bee

  2. Hi Wendy I love your srappy quilt the colours are lovely.
    I do a lot of patchwork and quilting, so I know it takes a lot of time and effort.


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