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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Broken Ankle my tears and cheers part 8

Here I am up to date its the 4th May
yesterday it had been 4 weeks since my fall. 
BIG BIG CHEERS this week,  over the weekend I slept for the first time without the boot on,  was a bit nervous that i might jar or knock it in my sleep but everything was fine,  swelling is still there but gone down a lot and I no longer need to use the ice pack. 
Over the weekend i still put the boot on to walk and big cheer here no crutches yeah, 
While sitting I removed the boot and did regular little movement with my ankle,  up and down is fine side to side is still locked so need to work on getting mobility over the next few days
Monday i made the decision to leave the boot off and start walking on it,  so back to two crutches,  no longer death sticks but my friend's lol.
Ankle hasn't been hurting for a few days unless i knock it,  but standing is fine. 
So gently steps feels really funny and strange to not have the boot on,  but im doing it slowly walking on the bad foot,  so spent Monday learning to walk and resting up on the sofa in between,  everything went well
Yesterday woke up ankle feels even better stronger,  so up with the walking sticks make myself breakfast. 
Sun was shinning so I took a walk down the back garden to look at the fish in the pond,  getting faster on these crutches,  my foot still doesn't have its full range of movement still a little stiff but pain free. 
I even felt well enough to get my journal notes out and do the posts on my blog. 
Im finding in the afternoon that I'm getting cramps in the bad legs calf's,  so when these start I'm needing to sit down quickly and massage the pain away, but im doing it more cheers. 

So happy so happy extra big cheers last night I walked up, yes WALKED UP the stairs using one crunch to the bathroom ran a bath got myself in by standing on the bad leg while I stepped in with the good leg,  had a nice long soak exercised the Ankle in the warm water,  did need Jeffs help to get out,  it's still a bit hard to get out of a slippery bath using one foot,  I didn't feel ready to push up using my bad foot. 
I also managed to walk down the stairs using one crunch and hand rail.
I was so pleased with myself when I got to the bottom of the stairs
This has been the best day yet

This morning I'm up and walking around using just the one crunch again,  so moving forward

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