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Friday, 7 March 2008

DCM Challenge

Todays Challenge was to make a card with the theme of TEA.
I have Dry embosses and chalked a Tea pot and cup onto card, Matted this to the front of the blue cardstock, I then made a lemon bow and added above the design, To finish I made small holder with distressed edges that I tinted pink, To hold the tea bag.
I used a fruit tea for a change and added the words Get a little fruity on the holder.


  1. I like your dry embossing take on it. That quote is great as well

  2. Lovely card Wendy!
    Judy NZ

  3. Pretty! I like the sentiment you added to the holder!

    You might want to delete your first comment (from 'mogul') to make sure nobody clicks on it - it's likely to be a dodgy website at best and a virus-carrier at worst :(

  4. Brilliant card Wendy love the quote time for a cuppa now me thinks

  5. Fab card, love the quote. :)


  6. Lovely card!!

    WARNING to new comment makers: DO NOT
    click on the first comment from mogul - it is a virus link!

  7. Great card! Very soothing colors and images. That tea sounds yummy, too!


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