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Friday, 30 January 2009

Photo Tag

I have been Tagged by Jeannette, This ones a little different it is a photo tag
I have to go into my picture files and open the 6th folder and pick the 6th photo, then tag 6 others

Phew this is a photo of a little mermaid called Millie, except this little mermaid has stollen Lara Crofts Gun.
It was at my Nephews 40th Birthday, everyone dressed up, millie mum came as Lara Croft, that Is why this little mermaid had great fun shooting all the Pirates, Batman,Austin Powers etc
The other I have tagged Are
Rosie, Anne, Fiona, Julie, Christina, Karyn


  1. Mermaid with tude! How awesome is that?

  2. ok I will play on my other blog with this one but I have to say I have no pics on this computer other than my cards until they are loaded then transferred off it so I have no idea what you will get as I will just stick the thumb drive in and go from there! LOL

    You can check it out here on this blog...give me a few minutes to post it though LOL!

  3. great pic Wendy thanks will do it tomorrow

  4. Thanks for the award Wendy, now I have to find a photo:-). Will post on my blog soon.



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