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Friday, 24 July 2009

lIve crafting 2

We had another evening of live crafting on crafters companion forum, here is what we made and instructions

Tag card

Some extra info
For my base card I have taken A4 pearlescent card and put it through the printer, I have printed pale pink onto one side and pale pink with white spots onto the other, you don’t have to do this, a plain base card look just as good

Step 1
We are going to make a 5inch square card, but don’t do any folding yet
Take your A4 base card and cut down length ways at 5 inches, so that you have a 2 long pieces of card.
See photo Keep both pieces

Step 2
Take the 5 inch wide bit of card and score at the A4 half fold, flip it over onto the other side and score at 5 inch square fold, keep this side facing turn the card around so the other end is butted up and score at the 5 inch square fold again.
You will have three score lines like this
Step 3
Fold the centre line, them the outer two lines back on to it crease well, so you’re inside card look like this.

Step 4
If you are matting your pattern paper then cut the contrasting card to the given size and then your pp a ¼ inch smaller
Take your pattern paper and cut to two 4 x 4 pieces, add one this to the front

Step 5
Take the left over strip from the A4 card that we cut in step 1
And cut two pieces 2 inches wide off this strip, then take your scissors and cut like this, we are making little tags, you might want to punch a hole or add a brad its up to you.

Step 6
Take your first tag add some double sided tape to the uncut edge then stick to the inside top of the fold like picture 1
Then take the second tag and stick to the bottom like picture 2 you will have a tag on each side.
So when the card is open it looks like picture 3

Step 7
Add the second piece of pp to the inside of the card.

Step 8
The fun bit, you have your base sections now add the image to the front mat then decorate as you choose.

papers .. Pink petticats
image.. sugar nellie
flowers.. fred she said


  1. Hola Wendy,
    How cool is this card. Lovely work, I am amazed how you managed to put all the details into the card. Simply beautiful! TFS, Mima

  2. fab tutorial, bet you all had fun with this one?


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