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Sunday, 4 October 2009


Just thought I would share with you some new photos of my 4 month old grandson Keaton.
Here he is in his walker, not going anywhere in it yet as his little feet just about touch the floor, but he does love to be in it and grab at all his toys on the tray. Here is his posh photo they have just had a two big canvases done, i know I am a bit over proud Nannie here,but he does look handsome, adorable, cuddly etc


  1. Aww how adorable does he look Wendy won't be long til he's dashing about all over Jacks crawling now tries to get into everything
    Anne xx

  2. Wendy you've every right to be proud 'cause he's absolutely gorgeous.
    Pat xx

  3. Over proud??? Not hardley!!! You go girl...He's adorable!!! I also wanted to thank you for your very very sweet comment on my blog!!!!!! I hope you've had a very blessed day!!!


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