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Monday, 12 July 2010

Back in our own house

As you know I have not been able to get much crafting done, The house has been a building site for the last 6 weeks, but we moved back in last night after spending the weekend cleaning all the building dust away.
We are still waiting for some of the doors to go in the kitchen, half of them were out of stock when we ordered and we have to wait a month for delivery, we still need to wait about another 10 day until they arrive, but I thought I would show you some before and after photos
This was an out house storage room, our kitchen was so small we had to keep the fridge freezer in here, it did have wall covering butthey had been stripped ready for builder to knock out the wall behind the fridge, it leads into the kitchen

This is how it all looked after two walls were taken down the storage room has been knocked into the old coal house and kitchen, The dust from this was in all my rooms
 Here is how it looks now The coal house has had a new wall and been turned into a wet room (photos later) The kitchen now goes into the Hall the door to the wet room has been added near the front door, the top bit is where the washing machine and tumble drier is , we have a cupboard to store the Dyson out of sit, also holds a mop and bucket, next to the machines.

 This is how the one side looks up to the back door, as you see it still needs the kitchen doors, but is still usable for now.

 her is how it looks going around the other side from kitchen door, across the sink and the star is my new range cooker ( I love it) next to the range with the tea towel is a new my first dish washer( hubby said NO we did not need one) but why not spoil myself ,so I over ruled him

Here is the wet room that we had put in for mum, she is unable to go up stairs, so this makes it easier for us all.
Thanks for looking it has been a long post, I will show you an update when I get those doors fitted .
We have some work top left over so guess where that is going?
Yup into my craft room, I am going to give it a lick of paint and add some more work surfaces, so my cuttle bug and cutters can stay out ready for use ,so I will show you when I get it all done


  1. Wow looks fab Wendy love the floor tiles makes the 6 week upheavel worth while

  2. Wow Wendy a lot of work went into that, I can remember the days when we used to overhaul the whole bungalow, thankfully it's all done now, love your new range cooker, always wanted one of those, not that I'm into cooking, I just think they look neat. Can't wait to see your craft room when it's finished.
    Donna xx

  3. Well worth all the mess and bother Wendy as it all looks great.

  4. It looks fantastic! I am so glad you're home now!


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