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Thursday, 28 October 2010

First clock

This is my first attempt at making a clock, Not sure if I am happy with it, the next one I will change things a bit and make the images bigger.
You all know the feeing when you do something and it does not feel right and you cant put your finger on it
One of the girls loved it and has taken it off to her house, so it cant be that bad.
I enjoyed doing it and have a few ideas for some more, I have 4 clock mechanisms to use up.
thanks for looking
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  1. Oh Wendy this is so neat- how perfect for a young girl's room of fantasy and love to come!!! *Hugs*

  2. Oh how COOL!!!!!!!! I LOVE it and am adding to my TO DO list!!!!! Very clever girl!!!!!!!

  3. What a smashing idea, Wendy! Loads of potential here. Quartz movements aren't that expensive these days so really the only limit is your imagination!

  4. Oh, this is great! I love all your work, its so beautiful!!

  5. Love it Wendy, I keep meaning to do a clock for the kids room. I think i kust might do one now i've seen yours.....thanks x

  6. Oh wow Wendy this is amazing... I love it! What a crafty idea... I HAVE to give this a try! You just use the clock gadget and add to your creation??

  7. Hola Wendy,
    I must say your one crafty person. You seem to be quiet talented, and love the out come of all your creations. I am telling you, that its very inspirational to see how versatile you are when it comes to creating. TFS, Mima


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