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Friday, 16 September 2011

Meet Sav

I would like you all Meet Sav, He came to live with us this evening and is a Chihuahua,Yorkshire Terrier cross , They are known as Chorkies and he is 11 weeks old.

he is so damn cute.

Our much loved Yorkie Max passed away at the start of the New year he was nearly 15.
The last few months We have bee ready to welcome a new member of our family.
We Bought Sav short for Savvi home this evening

 He is such a bundle of energy rushing here there and everywhere, learning his new home.
It was so hard to keep him still to take these photos
 This was the easy ones all worn out and sleeping

I am sure there will be lots more photos over the coming weeks as we get to know this little fellow


  1. Oh he's so cute!! Enjoy him xx

  2. Oh he sure is a cutie!:) Sandra H

  3. Oh he's adorable, Wendy! You must be so thrilled, after missing Max so much.

  4. He is adorable, be interesting to see how he develops, I am another Yorkie lover. Sure he will keep you busy and bring you great joy.

    Pam x

  5. Wendy he is so gorgeous and a and adorable, he sure will keep you on your toe's. My Niece has got 2 Chihuahua's and she now has Mum and Dad's Whippet, they all get on really well.
    Looking forward to seeing more pic's of this little chappie. Enjoy.

    Julie xx

  6. WOw is he adorable! Looks like a ball of energy. I am so looking forward to seeing him grow in your family!

  7. Oh he's so adorable he'll keep you on your toes!! and l love those beach huts we have them here where l live :) Sandra H

  8. Oh Wendy I want him, he's adorable. Sophie just saw his picture and wants him too xxx


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