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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Nappy- Diaper Cake

 This is my first Nappy cake, I have made it for my Emma She is having a baby shower on Friday My second grandson is due at the end of this month
 I rolled all the nappies and using elastic bands I attached them to a Kitchen roll holder this was also filled with Nappies
The Bottom layer has 3 rounds of Nappies, and the second layer two rounds.
To this I added lots of curling ribbon, before attaching this cute night time teddy to the top.
 A close up of the rolled nappies and ribbon curls
I still have to add some little baby socks and bibs to this and also wrap it all up in florist wrap.
Very pleased with how it turned out


  1. Great cake Wendy, what a wonderful idea for a mum. :-) xx

  2. wow it looks fab..she will love it!
    Lisa x

  3. Well done,they are just perfect for new babies ( esp when we get to play too)
    Love this Wendy, you have done a fantastic job on this x

  4. Wendy it's so cute she's going to love it!! Bet you're so excited right now!! :0) xx

  5. This is brilliant well done:) Sandra H

  6. Wow, that looks fabulous Wenty.

    Catherine x

  7. What a lovely gift for a new baby, Wendy! It's so pretty! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Unfortunately I only sold one mirror and one box, but I'm in the process of setting up an Etsy shop - scary stuff as I've never sold anything online before... I'm exhausted after an extremely busy week! The weekend went well and everyone enjoyed the harvest celebrations in the village.


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