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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Its a Girl

 Its a Girl our Granddaughter Perrie Grace was born yesterday at 4.15 she weight 8lb 4oz .
Here she was a few minutes after with her Mummy
An a close up view, she has a few little marks from birth on her head , Aleysha need a bit of help to get her out, But they will soon fade, she loves to tuck her little hands under her chin as she sleeps, so cute



  1. Congratulations Wendy, gorgeous baby.

    Pam x

  2. congratulations to you both, such a sweetie

  3. Congratulations to you all - she looks beautiful
    Lisa x

  4. She is soooooooo cute like a princess... God Bless Her

  5. Aww Wendy she is gorgeous,congratulations to you all,she looks so content,enjoy all your cuddles.

    Hugs Julie xx

  6. Oh honey I am so very, very pleased for you all!!! HUGE congrats sweetie!!

  7. Oh Thank you Wendy for sharing your beautiful grand daughter Perrie Grace and what a lovely name too! you'll feel so blessed to have her and enjoy every moment they are so precious she's gorgeous!! love to you all:)x

  8. What a treasure! She's certainly beautiful! Congratulations to the whole family!

  9. Oh Wendy, congratulations to you all - she's gorgeous! What an adorable little bundle! This is SUCH good news! Sorry not to have picked this up sooner but I've got a bit behind following all the blogs recently.

    Thanks so much for your birthday wishes, and your other lovely comments. I really feel my art is taking off these days! Last year I was incredibly busy and productive (all those special family events lol!) and during that time I was laying down groundwork. Today we visited my friend (she and I share the same birthday) and I have brought back the explosion box I made for her 2 years ago as it needs some maintenance (I didn't use the right glues) and looking at it, I almost feel ashamed at how much better I could have done it! She loves it though, and that's the main thing.

    I am sure you will have your hands full with little Perrie Grace for the foreseeable future. What does Keaton think of her? Has he seen her yet?


  10. Hi again Wendy - thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - I'm really enjoying these, and I'm glad you like them! Poppies are a great favourite of mine.

    Sorry to be so long responding but I've been having problems with my comments awaiting moderation not being visible - it turns out it's a Blogger/Firefox problem since the latest Firefox upgrade, so I'm temporarily using IE till they sort it out - hopefully soon!

    How's little Perrie Grace getting on? when I get time I'll have a look at your layouts. Very busy this week, got a craft show next Sat. and I've got a demo table, so busy preparing everything.


  11. adorable adorable adorable... what gorgeous photos - and she doesn't look anything like only a few minutes old... she looks so well! A nice size baby too (mine were 9lb and 9lb8oz so I know that they are chunky bits of love...

    Congratulations (even if it is a bit late)

    Paula x x x


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