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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Penarth Day Out for Keaton

 A double page spread to remember our day out at Penarth
I took a photo of the pebble beach, I took this into craft artist and faded it to turn into a background.
I then enlarged and cropped a photo of the pier, this I then faded and added to the top of the page.
I took the photos turned them into frames cropped until I was happy with them , then i feathered the edges of each photo before arranging on my layout
This one has the pier removed again I have turned the photos into frames and feathered the edges.
I then added text to a tag to remind us of our day on the pier


  1. It looks as if you and Keaton had a lovely day out in Penarth Wendy! Lovely seaside pictures.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and I'm glad you enjoyed our bears and Humphrey having their bath in the washing machine!! Both bears came from Ebay, but I think one is Bear Factory, and the other is Build-a-Bear, but they are interchangeable as far as clothes etc. are concerned. Most of the stuff we've got for them came from Ebay. How sweet that the family gave you bears for your 40th!!


  2. Gosh he got big fast! Wendy beautiful job with the layering. I love that used a photo for the background.


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