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Monday, 20 May 2013

Canada Rockies tour

Some of the stunning scenery we have seen on our Canadian journey
This is Niagra falls

  1.  One of loads if lakes we have seen on our tour , each new one just gets prettier

  This is lake Louise still frozen but very beautiful
 Another lake view
 This is one of three bears we have seen near the road, two black bears and a grizzly, such a wonder to see in their natural habitat

Three more stunning lake views

 Here we are in whistler with the winter Olympics rings
We are only half way through our tour onto Vancouver island,  then finish in Vancouver city


  1. Awww Wendy, Your so lucky your pictures are amazing and your only half way through your holidays lovely that you have shared them enjoy the rest of your time x

  2. Wendy it has been too long and I just love that you are sewing and having a blast on holiday. I'll try to check in more often!


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