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Saturday, 4 May 2013


My Daughters Birthday is on Tuesday and my granddaughters birthday is two week later.
So I made these two cute owls for them as an extra present.
There is a sentimental value to these gifts, Perrie is about to have her 1st Birthday and has grown ot of her first baby blankets, These were made out of the pink fleece that mummy brought her home from hospital wrapped in, the printed fabric are scraps left over from my First rag quilt that I made for little Perrie`s Cot, So lots of memories in these .
The top photo is the one for Mummy its a bit bigger and I have added a Gusset to this one so its thicker all around.
The one below is smaller and much thinner, I sewed front and back together with out adding the thinker Gusset  , Just right for tiny hands to hold
I found a free pattern online , If you look in my pinterest  pages you will find lots of links to this and other cute free patterns.
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