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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Artisan Apron from a janet clare pattern

Finished my Artisan apron from a pattern available from Janet Clare, 
I plan to be wearing my apron while sewing and crafting to inspire me to create. 
I will be adding some embellishments as the months go along,  I have already started with a few things that mean something personal to me,  as you can see in the photos below.

First I added 3 small crochet doilies that I just love so much, along one pocket, in the centre I added some of my favourite heart buttons,  love these so much that they have appeared on a few of my latest projects. 
The peach lace I bought on our trip to Australia to visit our son earlier this year,  so I added this as a reminder of our wonderful trip.
On the back along the shoulder seam I embroidered the love to sew,  because I do so much, always makes me feel relaxed stitching , knitting or crochet. 
I was knitting some dolls clothes for my granddaughter earlier this year and made some crochet cats to add to the front of a dolls jumper,  I had one left over so it just had to go on my apron,  another reminder of my fun projects this year. 
Im sure this Apron will pop up again in future posts as I add to it with more precious memories. 
I have a idea to draw around the grandchildren hands then embroidered around the outline. 
So watch this space.
If you would like to make your own Janet Clare artisan apron click to buy the pattern


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