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Friday, 12 February 2016

Craft sewing tote bag

I needed a large craft bag to carry my box that I use to hold all my paper piecing hexies in, the plastic box was fine for the hexies but as I was making up my topper it no longer fitted in the box, so a large bag was need to store every .
I couldn't find anything on the web that was suitable , a few good idea but sizing not right for my needs. 
So I started drawing a little design of what I wanted. 
This is my finished bag. 
My daughter loves it so much she is going to make one herself for a friend as a new baby gift.
She has never sewn before so I will be helping her giving advice etc.

I have free motion quilting all of the pieces except the lining to give the bag more body,  and it looks so pretty quilted

On the front as you can see in the above photo,  I wanted really deep pockets for  threads etc

Above photo is the side view a nice large flat pocket on both sides to slip patterns etc into

This is the back view below, again I added two pockets but not as deep as on the front

A nice bright pink ditsy flower lining and you can see how large it is inside

My box that holds all my paper piecing hexies fits in a treat and my quilt topper can fit underneath as it grows larger

And below my crazy draw and measurements that I tweaked as I went along and adjusted my pattern pieces. 
I will be drawing these up into proper pattern pieces so that I can print them off for future bags. 
As I said above my daughter is planning on making one for a baby bag as a gift for her friend. 
Filling it with nappies,  baby wipes,  creams and lotions etc.
I think we will add deeper pockets to the back on hers also.
If I do draft a printable pattern I will post on my blog



  1. That is a great bag Wendy. I love seeing all your sewing projects and you have inspired me to get back to sewing. I bought the Up Up and Away passport holder after seeing your and I am just about to start on it ready for our holiday in May.

    Pam x

  2. Hi Wendy, thank you for your reply. I do have the other one and that is what I am working on. Started this afternoon and couldn't seem to get it right, but had a lightbulb moment and all became clear. Let you know how I get on with it.

    Pam xx


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