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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Broken Ankle, My tears and cheers part one

I broke my Ankle on 5th April 2016 while on holiday in Lanzarote. 
I made a few notes on how I was feeling and my progress to heal , I thought I would share with you in the hope that it may help fellow suffers. 

It had been raining not a heavy down pore just a light shower, so hubby and I decided to take the grandchildren on a little walk down to the harbour to see the boats. 
As we were nearing the harbour a it started to rain lightly,  not too much and it was still warm,  there is a flight of steps to the harbour,  the hand rail was wet from the rain,  almost at the bottom i felt myself slip off the damp step,  I suppose I was lucky I didn't actually fall,  my foot slipped and went under me and I was sitting on the next step, , as I went down I felt something happen in my left ankle that I knew wasn't right. 
Dear hubby Jeff came straight to me as I brought my ankle around from under me it was huge so swollen I was in shock to see it, because it didn't actually hurt just a dull throbbing.
My 3 year old granddaughter was in tears when she saw it,  so trying to calm her down saying nannies fine im ok.
A couple were passing and they went for help at a nearby cafe.
A lovely waiter came to tell us that he had phoned a taxi because an ambulance would take to long. 
I managed to hop to the taxi and the waiter and Jeff got me in the seat. 
We had to go to the hotel first to drop the grandchildren with my daughter , my granddaughter was still crying and very distressed didn't like to see nanna hurt,  but was being looked after by her brave 6 year old cousin,  he held her hand put his arm around her and kept her close while we were waiting and getting into the taxi, a good boy. 

It was a 40 minutes drive to the hospital,  when we arrived the taxi driver got me a wheelchair and helped us get signed in at reception,  because no one spoke English. 
I was assessed and sent for an xray,  doctor confirmed that i had a fracture to my left fibula and would need a cast for 3 or 4 weeks. 
We were due to fly home in two days so I was put into a temporary half cast,  it was solid at the back and sided but the front was left open wrapped in bandage,  this is in case of any swelling on the flight home your not allowed to fly in closed casts,  we had to take another taxi back to the clinic next day to check the swelling and get the ok to fly home. 

First temporary cast,  
So heavy and I'm rubbish on the crutches,  I have to hop around and not put foot down at all


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  1. Oh dear Wendy, what an awful thing to happen on holiday. Hope it soon heals.
    Have you had a full cast put on now? Take care.

    Pam x


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