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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Here is what is on my work desk for this Wednesday
I have been busy making all the wedding stationary ready for my daughters wedding in May
these are the order of service waiting to dry.
I will be posting photos of the whole set later today
In the box are my stash of my favorite glue that I have been using while making my mini Albums, its sticks the paper bags together and give a strong bond dries really quick too
its scotch scrapbookers glue, I get mine from tescos
pop over to stamping ground to see all the other work desks, I love a good nose at everyone's work space, it nice to see they are as messy as me


  1. Hi Wendy,
    The wedding stationery looks fab.
    I have to confess to being a glue fanatic so I will make sure I buy some of this Scotch Scrapbookers glue - thanks for the tip.
    Clare x

  2. Really love your wedding stationery. Very pretty.
    A x

  3. What an organised space Wendy. I see the flowers in the box.

  4. the stationery looks excuisite. Lucky daughter... can't wait to see the whole set. Will add myself as a follower so get to know when you post!!!

    Paula x x x

  5. Hi again
    I see you have one of the crafters companion purple thingy (its a sign of age I cant think of the name), love the new boards for it I seen them on c&c, they are a must, do you use yours much, any tips apart from the spray for embossing on it I keep getting stuck and going out of the line.
    Happy crafting
    Christine x

  6. It doesn't look messy to me, just busy but neat :) Thanks for the info on the glue.
    Anne xx

  7. The wedding stationary looks fab, I'll be back later to see the finished project Pam x

  8. Too organised, make a mess girl ,lol

    Just looked at your finished cards... Just beautiful hun. They are just perfect. Very soft in colour and just love all the texture in them.

  9. you are busy, looks like a great desk to work on

  10. fab stationery. your space is sooo organised love it.

  11. Oh Wendy - truly a labour of love - and they look beautiful; your daughter must be thrilled. I must say your workspace seems incredibly organised.

  12. Very pretty stationary. You must be rather busy.

  13. Well done you on all the wedding stationery, that's no simple task, looks great though. Nice tidy work area, lol you should see some of them before declaring yourself untidy!


  14. That stationery looks fabulous X

  15. wedding stuff looks really nice!

  16. What a job doing all that wedding stationary ... a labour of love ...can't wait to see the finished set

  17. I still love your desk so cute~


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