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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Well its that time of the week for Whats on your Work Desk Wednesday.
Well as you can see there is nothing on my work desk this morning, just the Mini album that i am still adding to
I was a very good girl yesterday afternoon and had a Clean up of my craft room, I am going to swear now sorry
I even put the vacuum cleaner over the room to pick up all those little bits of paper and stuff that usually litter the floor
Hubby came home last night walked in to my craft room to say hello and straight away asked if I was ill or something because i had tidied up
This is the view of craft room as you come through the door
The first photo is on top of a set of drawers here I keep boxes pf made up cards and a pretty 12inch box file that I store my stamping up paper in
This is were I have some of my Scrapbook stacks that I use daily, All neat and tidy
This alcove is where I have put some of my stickles , glitter glues, glues glimmer mists that I reach for every day, Also has a magnetic board for tins and photos etc, Also store some of my fave craft CD here and back ups of kits I have downloaded of the web, usually pink petticoats, these are the ones I reach for the most, I have lots more In a box, going to buy myself a cheap CD rack from Ikea that i can decorate and store them all on the wall
over here is where i store more papers, and i have a shelf that i keep all my cuttlebug folders and dies all together

Here is the back of my work desk Have a lovely flip down drawer that i keep my prima flowers in,
Also in the stacking drawers I keep my Pro markers
This is the shelf above and it has more flowers in jars, it also has a lot of ribbon the cream basket is full of reel and some of the jars are also stuffed with ribbon
well hope you enjoyed a look at my tidy craft room, don't know how long it will stay like that, maybe be a mess by the end of the day.
I did enjoy having a sort out, rediscover a Cosmo cricket TSV that i have had for over a year so must dig it out and have a play, it has some lovely chip board albums frames and hanging thingy as well as some great papers and chip board alphabets


  1. What a beautiful crafting space you have! thank you for posting these photos! I've have a lovely nose about :)

  2. what a wonderful crafting space you have I am very envious. I see you have one of those octagonal boxes, just seen that one someone elses WOYWW and never seen one before!

  3. You did well with the tidying - you have quite a big space for all those crafty bits and pieces! Funny how we discover new stuff when we tidy up ha, ha... thanks for the lovely "tidycraftroom" presentation!

  4. Ooh you neat freak you ....I am so jealous I wish I could be tidy but I'm just not made that way
    I love your space
    Hugs Susie xx

  5. I love your craft room and want to come and play there LOL Tis just perfect...all tidy and neat..unlike my mess which is all old and stinky today ROFL

  6. Fab craft room,luv all the storage :o)x

  7. Oh dear, I have craft room envy! Your space is fabulous and so lovely and tidy.
    Clare (Littlebear) x

  8. fabulous craftroom, congrats on the tidy up.

  9. I love that you are neat and tidy today ... it gives me something to aspire too :0)

  10. I DID enjoy touring your room - thanks! And maybe you aren't ill, but I think you're allowed to be a little bit smug!!

  11. That's an absolutely beautiful crafting space you've got there Wendy, really love it and all of your stash. Have fun making it messy again.


  12. Wow what a gorgeous tidy crafting space....please enjoy making it messy now.
    A x

  13. WOW! I need you to come over and help me get this organized! Or maybe I just need to stay home and do it myself this coming weekend *hee hee*

    Today is my first day participating in WOYWW. I am enjoying hopping around to see what everyone else's work space looks like this morning. Won't you stop by and visit if you get a chance today?

  14. I reckon 10/10 for that! The shelf unit is great, hope you keep it tidy (if you want to, of course!!)

  15. I love your desk, all those shelves make me so jealous. Glad I'm not the only one who gets asked if they are ill when they tidy up

  16. Wow that is a tidy space ...and you hoovered!!!! Can I come over and mess it up lol

  17. Oh you have mountains of stuff!! I really need to come and have a rummage!

  18. Love your craft room, great storage and soooo tidy. Bet you are feeling good after that tidy-up - it certainly had that effect on me when I did the deed! ikki

  19. I am not having this... wheres the mess.. I need mess, cannot craft in neat and tidy!, lol
    Oh I need to come and help you out.
    Is it me , or is that a computer desk from Ikea?.. looks the same as mine.. but mine is the black and white one? .. urm , get come off here.. more crafting space, lol

  20. I'm sooo jealous!! and you have the same white table top container as....someone else! lovely crafty space!

  21. WOW that is a nice tidy desk, i don't think it'll be long before it's a mess again LOL!!!!

  22. Great tidying! The sort of desk & storage I could only ever aspire to! lol!

  23. Can't stop long I need to go and tidy up....Gorgeous craft room.

  24. Wow what a lovely neat room!

  25. Extremely tidy Wendy, glad to hear it's not always so ;)
    Anne xx

  26. Fab workspot you have there - so beautifully organised.

  27. Thanks for showing us your craft room, it looks lovely and organised! Hope it stays nice and tidy, lol.

    Alex x


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