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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Altered ATG GUN

WEll as you know from my previous post last year I got myself an ATG gun, and I love it, saving myself a small fortune on buying the smaller tape pens.
The only thing its not very pretty in it original colour.
I have been reading blogs and watching you tube videos, seeing  all you clever crafters alter your guns, so decided to have a go myself
 So I got me a tin of Plasti-kote and had a play.
First I needed to take out the inside reels and tape up all the workings with masking tape, 
then I was free to spray.
I have seen so many pink guns that are all stunning, so for mine I went for this pretty blue shade

 The clear back of the gun I did not spray, i liked it se through, but later on i did go over it and the rest of the gun with Crafters Companion iridescent sparkly spray.
The peel offs are Anitas glitterations 
So the photo below is the back view

Here you can see it a bit closer up, Sorry the all over glitter is not showing up to well in the Photo, but it does sparkle so nicely when the sun catches it
This is how it looks from the front with all the nasty Yellow covered up.
I added my Name with Gen stickers, then some more of the glitter stickers.
Then I could not help but bling it up a bit by hot gluing some more gems, to frame my name and as centres to some of the flowers

 more close ups.
Just love the swirl stickers
 I did tape up the trigger very well put lots of painters tape on it, but you know paint some still managed to seep through, so still working with paint thinners to clean it up a bit
 Another close view of the back
So I am very pleased with the finished result; and have been putting off doing it all for months, but it was easier than I thought.
Just one bit of advice, Do 3 thinner coats rather than one thinker one.
It does build the colour up nicely, And always put Extra tape on that trigger.
Saves you having to remove the seeped pain.
Thanks for looking
Please leave a comment as I would love to know what you think


  1. wow that is a work of art I keep thinking about getting one of these, but how easy is it to use?

  2. Fabulous Sweety! I do love it a lot!!xx

  3. Now that is AWESOME! I love that you took something that others have been sticking to one color to.(although they come pink right now for breast cancer so you actually did more work LOL)and made so much your own. Great job!

  4. Looks gorgeous Wendy, I keep looking at mine and thinking I need to something with it, it such a horrible yellow they make it in.

  5. Love what you've done! Looks fab. I don't have an ATG, I have been using small tape runners and haven't invested in a gun yet. When I do I will remember your advise for dressing it up.

  6. What an awesome job girlie!!! Love your butterflies and flowers!!!!! You've blinged it out just perfectly!!! ;)


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