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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Floating Necklace

Treated My self to a shopping spree got some black grey pinstripe trousers  and also picked up  a black Jumper to go with them.
So this morning got out my beads and made myself a floating necklace to wear.
I was planning in making it all black and gold but somewhere along the making plan changed and I ended up popping in these red and black speckle stones that I have had in my stash for awhile 
 I did not want it to be a heavy looking full beaded necklace so that why I went for the floating bead look.
Its so light when it on you don't notice it, I hate the feel of heavy necklaces
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  1. oh how beautiful... i will have to try this myself...

  2. Hola Wendy,
    Pretty necklace! I see your crafty in more ways that one. I agree with you, eventhough lots of necklaces are pretty, they can be a little much. I love this piece. TFS, Mima

  3. I love the floating bead look as well. How amazing this is on a spur of the moment I need something to wear with this kinda thing.

  4. Love the necklace...def a less is more item :-)
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    Good luck.
    A x

  5. WOW Wendy thisis gorgeous


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