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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


A few shots of my spotty grandson Keaton over the weekend.
We thought he was coming out in chicken pox but only a few spots appered over his chin and bottom, none on his arms and trunk of his body.
He had been away with use a few days before and spents a few days swimming in the pool.
So it might be that the chlorine in the water has irritated  his skin a bit.
Its all cleared up now
 This top photo is of the little darling posing for me, after he saw me with the camera, he was giving me a big cheesy smile
All the bottom ones are photos I snapped without him noticing I had the camera.
He was watching scooby do at the time

I do so love the snaps that I get of him unnoticed.
I wonder what he is thinking



  1. Oh Wendy, loving the last picture.. these are just perfect of him x

  2. Oooh that's so sweet... He looks totally absorbed! Glad to hear it's not chicken pox and that it's clearing up.

  3. Fantastic pictures Wendy, you can't beat the ones they don't know your taking.

    Julie xx

  4. Beautiful pictures:) Sandra H

  5. Oh Wendy, he is adorable, please give him a hug from me.
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx

  6. Love the Pics of Keaton, he looks so deep in thought x

  7. I am finally able to sit and catch up! You have been busy but I had to say that grandson of yours is getting cuter by the min.


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