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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Broken Ankle my tears and cheers part 2

Flight home. 

Well today the Ankle really wants me to know it's broken,  been hurting all night so taking the painkillers, , I also have to have a daily injection into my tummy of clexane to stop the risk of blood clots because I'm not mobile at the moment. 

There was no way I was going to be able to hop up 3 stairs to get on the airport coach with this heavy cast still not being able to put weight on it and the pain my ankle was now in, , so we ordered another taxi 5th taxi in two days. 

At the airport the taxi driver got the airport assistance for me they help you get onto the aeroplane.
I must say they do a wonderful job,  got me and the family our tickets through customs and onto our flight using wheelchair,  one bonus of a broken ankle we didn't have to queue lol.
The doctor said that I need two seats so that my leg could be rested up on the 4 hour flight back to the uk, luckily the flight wasn't full so had the row to myself. 
Leg was throbbing so more painkillers  found it hard to get comfortable on the flight and YES your leg does swell in the cast.
At Bristol there was airport assistance to help me off the aeroplane through customs and out to the arrival exit. 
I wouldn't of been able to manage without these people and am very thankful for them and all their help.

Hour and half drive home in the car, had to go in the front seat because there were 5 of us in the car .
This has been the longest that I have had my foot down and not raised up, , so ankle was getting very swollen and painful,  so relieved to get home on the sofa and put leg up more painkillers. 
Can get up the stairs so sleeping on the sofa,  we're lucky to have a downstairs toilet, that makes things so much more bearable. 
 still not great on the crutches,  having to hop everywhere with them jars my ankle and causes pain,  starting to hate this. 
Friday morning phoned our fracture clinic,  I have an appointment 8.30 am Monday morning

Broken ankle part one

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