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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Broken Ankle my tears and cheers part 5

Good few days in the cast,  ankle not feeling as sore, swelling not happening as often,  elevating leg does help, , still using ice therapy to help swelling go down
Still using the wheelchair,  but standing up and resting the cast on the floor as often as I can,  not put any weight on it yet but it's feeling better every day. 
It's a week and half since I broke it, feeling positive that it's slowly getting better. 

We have brought the bed down into out front room,  because I just couldn't face getting up the stairs,ahd everything so painful at the start. 
I  cant sleep in the bed just can't take the weight of the quilt on my cast, so sleeping on top of the duvet with a fleece blanket over me. 
So hard to get comfortable with this cast on,  using a pillow to rest leg on and off my good leg.

Having strip washes using the small sink in the downstairs loo, so missing my bath times, would love a long soak with bubbles. 

My good leg has been aching over the last few days up the front and knee,  I suppose it's because it's doing all the work supporting me , so taking painkillers to help the pain from this leg. 

Doing some hand stitching using my English paper piecing  hexies, started this before christmas so all this sitting and resting my leg has given me a chance to work on my topper project


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  1. Poor you Wendy I do feel for you Hun, iove it soon starts to feel much better, gorgeous work and fabulous design.
    Hugs Julie xxx


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