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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Broken Ankle my tears and cheers part four

So started off happy with my new pink cast,  moving around was much easier even though i was still not able to put weight on the cast.
In the early evening my ankle likes to swell up a little, I usually put an ice pack wrapped in a tea towel helps a lot as well as elevating my leg while laying on the sofa. 
First evening in my new cast I just couldn't get any relief from the pain. 
The painkillers were having no effect, the pain was not coming from my ankle but from the cast pressing onto my little toe , , tried to sleep, but was in agony. 
My foot was swelling even more than usual with the pressure of the cast on my toes,  after lots of tears I phoned the out of hours number that was on my appointment card,  
It was 4am in the morning,  I was put through to a trauma nurse.
 I explained the pain i was in,  she said that I could come into A&E and they would just cut off the cast put me back into a temporary cast like i had , had removed the day before,  they said if my toes weren't turning blue or white could i try more painkillers and phone plaster clinic in the morning. 
So spent the next few hours laying on my back leg up in the air higher than my heart with wrapped ice pack on top of the cast,  no sleep, in pain, until I could phone the plaster clinic in the morning. 
They gave me an appointment to check the cast later that day. 
At plaster clinic the nurse looked at my toe said that the cast was a little high,  she got the cutter out that they use to remove the casts and cut away the part of the cast that was pushing on my small toe,  instant relief , she cut down as far as she could go,  the toe area still felt sore but we put it down to the pressure of the cast that had now been cut away,  she felt sure that it would ease over the next few hours,  so home we came. 
Throughout the day my toe area still felt very uncomfortable and had a mark where the cast had been. 
In bed that night my foot around the toes began to give me pain again, as it did its evening swelling,  so another night up in pain on the sofa leg up trying to get swelling down until I could again phone clinic. 
10am next morning back in the plaster room they could see how tight the cast was around my toe area this time they decided to remove the whole cast and redo another one. 
So my first experience with the cast cutter removing the whole cast, they again explained how it works and that it wouldn't cut my leg,  this time it cut down both sides of the cast so they could get it apart to remove it.
I must admit to being a little worried that cutter is very scary. 
This time when I looked at my foot it was much more swollen than two days earlier when I first had the cast put on,  and I had some pressure marks from the cast. 
So cast number 3 was put on,  this one was much more comfortable  than the last one,  no pinching of the toes, they said to give it a few days to settle down after the tight cast,, then to try standing and build up to walking on it.
Got a good night's sleep swelling was manageable at last


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