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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Broken Ankle my tears and cheers part seven

I've been in the air boot for a week now,  what a difference it has made,  gone is the hysterical weeping women that i had become,  and I'm coping much better and so much more mobile. 

The fist day with it on I did nothing just rested with leg raised and used the wheelchair to get around,  foot was still very sore from the night before where it was caught in the cast,  also I was shattered from lack of sleep and still a little tearful. 
Next morning foot felt a lot better,  so I restarted my mission to get walking again. 

First I started just resting my foot in the boot on the floor with out putting any pressure on the leg,  I gradually increased the pressure until i was standing on both legs,  this felt much more comfortable in the boot than when in the cast. 
Next day i tried a few steps,  this had me laughing because there is a learning curve to walking in this boot,  you don't just step the bottom of the boot is curved so it's put heel down then roll forward and move your good foot in front,  its also like walking on a platform shoe when you only have the one on,  come on girls smile we've all done it tg3 the up and down walk lol.
Well the Ankle felt fine no pain,  soon got the hang of this and was getting around on two crutches,  then I found i could do it with just the one crunch. 
Yeah another cheer, can can now carry a cuppa tea into the room using the one crunch,  these milestones mean such a lot. 

The best thing about the air boot is that when you have overworked your ankle and it starts to swell you can get on the sofa open the front of the boot and pop an ice pack straight onto the swelling works instantly now waiting for the cold to get through the cast, and I did a lot of ice therapy to reduce swelling. 
After the first week i was able to remove the boot and sit with my leg up,  this is wonderful takes away the trapped feeling that you get in a cast. 
I could even get upstairs going up on my bottom,  Jeff helping me up when I was up the top. 
Oj one of these trips I decided to have a bath with lots of help from Jeff,  a computer chair at the side of the bath,  I was able to take the boot off swing legs over the bath,  balance on my good leg,  im an expert at standing on my right leg these days and lower myself into the bath. 
This was pure heaven,  my first bath since the break been strip washing in the downstairs loo, the warmth of the water supporting my bad ankle was lovely,  I even managed to do a few up and down ankle movement's in the water,  because your ankle does become stiff in the cast and boot,  so you do get a little pain when trying to move it and get mobility back into the join. 
So in the week I've had my boot I can see a lot of improvement

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