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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Broken Ankle my tears and cheers part 3.

Monday morning sees me at the hospital nice and early. 
We hired a wheelchair from the red cross on Friday im finding this such a help as still can't put foot down so hopping and we have a little dog that likes to walk by your feet, so im really nervous on the crutches.
Wheelchair makes it much easier to get to the hospital appointment and for £1 a day so worth it 
Meet my doctor who sends me for another xray,  yup ankle still broken lol.
He sends me to be put into a new full cast this one will be a walking cast, but said i have to leave it another week before try to weight bare and walk on it. 
It will be a week ago tomorrow since I broke it. 

At the plaster room they cut off the old cast this is easy because the front is just bandage. 
See my ankle for the first time in a week,  still swollen and very bruised. 
My foot is gently pushed up into the right position and held while the dressing and cast is applied,  this doesn't hurt so all well. 
In had a choice of what colour cast I wanted so that was fun. 
I have an appointment to come back in 4 weeks with instructions to try and weigh bare and walk on it in about a week time. 
This cast is so much lighter than the first,  so finding it easier to hop around on the crutches or as im calling them the DEATH STICKS. 
Still using the wheelchair a lot because don't feel confident on the death sticks at all, not with Savvi rushing around underfoot

Pretty Pink cast,  so much lighter than the first one


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