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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Broken Ankle my tears and cheers part six

In my journal it says.

April 17th 12 days since accident,  been in full cast a week tomorrow,  
So going to try walking on the cast

Photo I put on my Facebook,   today im going to try walking on this with my death sticks.
I have my cast walking shoe on, so nervous. 

I've been standing and getting my balance resting the cast on the floor and getting used to putting my weight on it over the last few days,  I've not had any pain in the Ankle so that's good,  my injections of clexane are nearly finished so need to get more mobile. 

So i stand up out of wheelchair get my sticks let's do this. 
I gently take my first step,  good no pain,  take another whoo hoo still ok feels a little weird but no pain,  another step oh what happened now, my foot has slipped deeper into the cast and my toes are poking out more,  it actually feels more comfortable now. 
Tried another step then another,  big smile on my face,  I've got this walking in the cast how good does this feel,  a few more steps even quicker got a rhythm going with the sticks now. 
Another few steps, then screaming in pain calf has gone into a painful cramp,  trying to keep foot off the floor stretch out leg calf cramping, my wheelchair on the other side of the room,  pain spasms in my calf, shouting the F*** WORD over and over again   somehow I manage to get over to the chair, sit down can't rub the protesting calf muscle,  not nice. Painful
I sit and cry in frustration,  I must of looked really funny hoping around the room swearing trying to get back to my chair , after the pain stops I can laugh about it. 
So after a rest and a cup of tea,  im ready to try again.
So a day of steps hobble forward, step,  when I feel the calf is about to spasm i stop lift my cast leg and bend back and forth at the knee,  managing to walk to the toilet on the cast so happy with my progress today. 

My foot is still jammed down into the cast and won't slip back up into the position it was before,  it's starting to feel a little uncomfortable pressing on my heel and top of foot in this position. 
I find I'm need to use the ice a lot more today because the tight cast is causing swelling again. 

Oh my another helish night,  the cast feels so tight,  im in agony again,  cant get the swelling down,  feels like it's rubbing on my heel. 
The only way to describe it is like breaking in new shoes when you get a heel blister and still have a few miles to walk home. 
We phone and are told to go to A&E , see a nurse who look at my toes say that they look fine,  so no restrictions there, , , my heel that's in pain from resting on it in the cast. 
They don't want to cut it off because it might cause more problems. 
Advice is to take ibuprofen and just get to fracture clinic as soon as it opens in the morning and a plaster nurse will see me first thing .

This is much worse than the other two nights, , , rolling on the bed crying asking jeff to get it off, taking the painkillers again,  the pain in my heel and top of foot is so bad, I want to cut this cast off myself. 
I am literally sobbing, Jeff doesn't know what to do,  because he's never seen me in such a state. 
He phones his work early in the morning to say he's going to be coming in later became he is taking me to clinic at 7.45 in the morning, 
Another night in pain and no sleep,  hate this cast. 

At the clinic they check the cast say it needs to come off again, its removed and my heel is red and also the top of foot,  luckily the skin hasn't broken. 
They say the doctor will come and look at it and I will have another cast put on afterwards. 
Well I don't know what happened to me, I think i had a panic attack.
I burst into tears started shaking begging them TO NOT,  put me in another cast,  nurse was trying to reassure me that the next one will be fine. 
I was in such a state crying that i couldn't go back into another cast, saying to Jeff "please don't let them put me in one".
Doctor arrived,  looked at me in such a state and asked if the break was causing my distress, 
Jeff and the nurse explained that I'm a bit panicked about going into cast number 4.
Me I'm still crying, feeling like such an idiot but couldn't stop
 doctor looked at my xrays took my hand and said i could go into an air boot. 
That i had to keep it on for two weeks sleeping in it and walking on it,  he said its not as secure as a cast but it's been nearly two weeks since the break, I could go in one and see how i got on with it.  
I was so relieved,  just couldn't face being confined in another cast.

So here I am in my robot boot as the grandchildren call it

The other parts to my experience can be found 


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